Ebony, My 16 Year Old Dog!

fc1b7dea4fed9ad1232896bc225aa1daMy first dog ever was ebony she was a black lab and she was 16! I loved her but she is in a better place now. I wish she was still here. I really want her to be happy in doggy heaven. Ebony was a skinny dog that you could hear 10 miles away if you didn’t let her outside or inside when she wanted to. That’s all I want to say but I miss you ebony!

The Dogs Bark

The Dogs Bark

The dogs bark is very freighting until the light strikes like lightning.

In the morning the sun will shine until the moonlight hits our eye.

In the moonlight we will fight till dawn, then we will go back to our owner named Shawn.

Volleyball Showdown!!!!

We were driving down the road and then we saw this great big building
As soon as we walked in I said ” I have a real good feeling.”
When we got there to my team they just sat there getting ready
Then when we were on the court we were all just calm and steady
But when we started playing we pushed and never stopped
And when they thought it was over oh just think again, megan hit the ball and just like the beat it droped
We have won the game oh yes but wait there is still more
Our present after the games were to be sore

Avree’s Guide To Making The World Awesome!

   peace #Yearofthekid There are 3 simple things to making the world an awesome place. That is what I am going to writer about. The three steps are

  1.  Make A Plan!
  2. Put It all together.
  3. Share to the world!

Step one: Making The Plan. Just by starting you want to have just a couple of ideas to make the world a better place. It doesn’t matter if they are silly or not, if you have an idea it’s always a good one to go with if you want. And also I would get a partner to help so you won’t be alone because, know one wants to be lonely.

Step two: Put It All Together! When you start getting everything ready and getting permission to do whatever you are doing, you should make a sign to organize your mission. Make people aware of what you are doing. Inspire them to join and get the whole world in with you!

Step three:Share To The World!

Uncle Jeffie!


My Uncle Jeffie is my inspiration to start playing softball because he is my uncle, coach, and pitching coach and he’s really good too! My uncle is my coach and that won’t change and he says it’s his last year coaching but I know he will always coach me no matter what if hes on the side with the parents he will coach me if he isn’t even there he will call me after every inning and even if he is at work he has my mom text him every single thing that is happening during that game! So he is basically a 3 in 1 uncle!

My first game ever we were the first ones their because he made us practice about half an hour before anyone got their (Is that a coach or what?). He found out on little move that still helps me to this day a butt wiggle at the plate! I was a weird kid but it was fun and Jeffie laughs at me when I do a butt wiggle because I am so used to doing it as soon as I get up to the plate! Jeffie is my most favorite coach ever because he will buy me anything and everything softball related just for Jeffie and I!

The first year of kid pitch at pickaway elementary was the first time I tried pitching and jeffie says that that was when I really started to grasp the whole Idea of softball and now I am the first pitcher on my travel softball team. Jeffy’s goal for me is to reach 50 mph i’m in the 45’s and one time I reached 49 I was so exited because it was for a pitching competition I didn’t get first but I did get third!

That Is how my Uncle Jeffie inspires me to play softball and he just cheers me on because he says I have the potential to be something big! So basically I got inspired by an old man too play softball to become the greatest pitcher ever!

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is one of my favorite games even though I don’t play a lot when I do I will play that game on zombies mode because I just like the Idea of zombies on a army game because it gives you that excitement of a scary movie and it also includes the fun in the guns and it’s not actually hurting anyone! Also I know that it’s a boy’s dream to be in the army but until then this would be a perfect game and I don’t really care that i’m playing a boy’s game it’s just a game!

The only time that I play is when my brother isn’t home yet but that still isn’t a lot of time to play because I still have to let my cousin Brady play to so it’s not a lot of time but it’s just enough for me to play. Both my Brother and Brady call me a noob but what they don’t know I am practicing and now my highest score is 20 kills and that’s a personal achievement in my book if you ask me!

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies will always be my favorite video game unless I get my own xbox then I will play Just Dance all day long!I hope that you enjoyed my blog!

Language Arts

images (2)

Language arts is one of my favorite subjects and that is what i’m going to write about and maybe even our routine every morning. For example we get to write about what we want when we are done with the assignment for the class, another example is that everyday we log our reading. Those are some examples of what I am going to write about.

Language arts is one of my favorite subjects because we get to be creative on our own without him telling us what to do but I am really bad at finding something to write about. Like right now I’m having trouble typing what I want to type but he gave us a topic so I at least know what to write about.One more thing he gives us ideas about what to write if we want.

Every day in language arts class we log our reading, Come to the circle, find out what our assignment is for that day, then we work on the project then we sing, then go to the next class.  So we don’t do very much until you actually think about it we fit a lot into 1 hour!

Tat was was what I like about language arts and what we do in the class. So basically we talk work on our assignment then sing and I like language arts because I get to do what I want sometimes. Hope you enjoyed!

My Crazy Dog Bella

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My dog Bella is a crazy golden retriever she is so silly! Their will be1 paragraph on how silly my dog is she is because that’s pretty much the only traits that she has is that bad? But I still love her anyway because of how stupid she is even when she is mean because she always makes up for it with her silly face!

Bella is too silly she will bark and bark and bark until she gets her way or gets the bad guy AKA my Dad yup she will bark, scratch, jump, and lick you until you surrender! If that didn’t tell you how silly she is just wait till you here this she will stop at nothing to get her butt scratched nothing! One time I was watching TV and she just came up to me and started to rub her butt up against my leg the rest of the show… Ya she’s pretty silly.

Let’s just say Bella is limited from being a smart dog ya she isn’t the brightest. hope you enjoyed!

That One Girl…

mystery woman

Can you guess who that one girl is if you knew me you would probably think Karly but I am going to write about Arianna Clark one of my good friends, she is very funny and I hope that she will like this and appreciate it. Arianna is very funny, silly and just plain goofy she is very pretty and a nice girl she likes cats and she makes jokes about everything I don’t know about you but I like that in a friend. She is a really good friend because when you are sad she will make you smile.

One time last year Arianna went to go see a movie called Cinderella with Karly and I so we went to Olive Garden first to eat then we went to the movie theatre and we had the whole theatre room to ourselves and my mom went to get the popcorn and we took so many pictures of us and when she came back she looked at her pictures and she still has some on her phone(we took so many pictures)! Then we went shopping and Arianna got a giant candy scented pillow!

Arianna is so nice and she really is a good friend I love her as a friend she puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh I really like that In a friend! I hope that she reads this post and hope you enjoyed!

Here By Alessia Cara


I bet if you listen to the song Here you will find something you can relate to also. I have 2 paragraphs telling you how relatable and non relatable the song is to me. The first one is about how I can relate to it from lunch and the second one is  how the song has the exact opposite of who I really am.

The song Here is kind of relatable because i’m not that insecure but I do just like to hang out with my friends and I don’t do much when I have the opportunity  to be lazy. The song remindes me of lunch because everyone goes into their little groups and talks and sometimes I just sit by myself and just eat because like in the song she just wants to hang out with her friends and she would rather be at home all by herself. I feel like I can relate to this part of the song because at lunch when I try to make new friends I feel like they don’t want me around. That is why I either sit by myself or just sit with my friends.

Here has some things that are relatable or the exact opposite of who I am like how she is indifferent but I am the complete opposite because I am not sympathetic in any way. And I am all over the place(sometimes). She seems shy and insecure she also she seem sensitive but I don’t care what you think.

That is how could and couldn’t relate to Here by Alessa Cara and i’m sure that some how you can relate to this song to. So basically I have like one thing in common with her and she is a shy girl that only likes to hang out with her friends. Go check out the music video Here.

I got this image from  http://headlineplanet.com/home/2015/08/03/alessia-caras-here-enjoys-46-weekly-sales-gain/